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Great news in the 2016.
A book and an exhibition. Then prints available for sale; new projects and many other ideas to share with you. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy the slightly restyled website. See you soon.


I've decided to title this website: Bindella - Gay art; pull these terms together is to express that being a gay man is a central experience in my life and in my art. More, it means that I've focused my aims to depict gay life and intimacy with no fear of sexuality and nudity. But I want more, my aim is to raise "gay art" to a new higher level. For me it means, and this is not a contradiction, extend the range, approaching new themes. Please come inside and give a look. I hope you'll enjoy this experience and please do not hesitate to share your comments, opinions, ... add me on facebook, instagram, tumblir or send me an e-mail.

I'm for free culture, therefore the images of this website are under a Creative Commons Licence, push the link in the footer of the page for more details.